Contact Me!
If you would like to contact me to comment, suggest, to request to be featured on the links, fanfic, etc pages.. or just to chat ^_^
AIM:Sakura Strlght

Request Anime on AIM
If you would like to request an episode on the AIM list you could reach me at my screen name Sakura Strlght. Just ask for the episode and I will send it through file transfer ^_^

Request Anime on Streamload
Please e-mail me at with the subject //anime request\\ Please tell me your streamload account name, the episode(s) of the anime you would like and please specify if it is either a streamloader or freeloader file. Thanks :) or you could request your anime here : Request Forum I will be checking both. Thanks!
*NOTE*:You can request as much as you want now!~ Thanks for requesting anime at!

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