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Hi everyone. Welcome to Anime Kawaiiness~! This site is for all you anime lovers. This site has streamloader, freeloader anime. Finally, you can get episodes by direct downloads *cheers* and you can also get anime via AIM! You need streramload to recieve these episodes. If you don't know what streamload is please check out I am not asking for anything in order to recieve these episodes for me. I just want to spread the distribution of anime to everyone. If there is a certain anime that I don't have, please e-mail me and I will try to find it for you. Thanks for checking out Anime Kawaiiness!

Sorry guys about all the troubles with the direct downloading page. I think I have it all settled now. PLease follow all the directions. I am still hosting episode 1, so please be patient while i finish downloading the rest of the episodes. Please make sure you know that they are all split into 4 parts. Thanks for being patient with me. As for the streambeaming, I am still trying to figure out streamload. So now, please don't be discouraged when you don't get your anime right away. Thanks everyone :)

Hi everyone! Sorry for not streambeaming, I will start today. I have a lot to do and a lot coming up, so please be patient. Also, as you might have known, the downlaoding page has been down, but good news!! I have now put it back up. I am only now hosting Fruits Basket, one episode a week! Please follow all directions, thank you. No new anime for now, please be patient. I don't know whats happening to streamload, but I will do all I can to give you the eppies you want. Thank you for being apart of the Anime Kawaiiness Community. NOTE!!: I have just been to neopets and was thinking of making an official Anime Kawaiiness Guild. Please give me your feedback by e-mailing me at Thanks guys again!!

More exciting new for all of you! I am now going to upload Fruits Basket episodes starting with the first episode today. Don't worry, I will still keep uploading X TV for all of you also! Again, more freeloader anime for you to request. I am soo glad that everyone likes the new layout. Also, I'm trying to spread the word of my site, so if you could, if you have a site, I would most appreciate it if you link me with one of the buttons I made in the "links" page.

YAY! A new layout! I finally made the effort to make the new layout. It was finally rime to get a new layout up. Also, new direct downloads. A new treat for you : X TV Episode 1. It is under the new episode page.

The streamload policy has taken place. All freeloader accounts will be deleted February 14, from what I've read. Some new anime, freeloader and streamloader. Still working on tring to get direct downloads for anime episodes and manga ^_^

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I hope you all heard of the new policy taking place for freeloaders, I am not sure if this site will go on. Don't worry, I will try my best to keep everything running smooth. I myself am a freeloader, I try to retrieve most of the anime I provide. On a happier note, there are more streamload anime available!! Thanks to amazing people who graciously gave me these! Thank you!

Happy Holidays everyone. I am soo happy it is finally winter vacation. There are many new updates. I put up a lot more pages. WOW, a REAL update ^_^

Its almost Christmas yay! There are nine shopping days left, get out there ^_^ I am soo sorry about the MKR episdodes, it turns out that I only have streamload MKR, not freeloader files! Forgive me for my mistake ;; So... some new anime I recieved that I am distributing for all of ya, aren't you lucky ^_^ I am thinking that I will add a few more pages soon... oooo, fun!

Hey everyone! I am soo sorry I haven't been streambeaming anime for a while or updating. A lot more anime!!!! I am now letting you request as much anime as you want! YAY!!!

YAY! Finally puts up my site. I updated the freeloader and streamloader lists. Enjoy. Please don't forget to request by format. Thanks!

I updated the freeloader and AIM anime lists. You should take a look and see if there is any anime up that you would like. Also, I am working on an MP3 list. It should be up soon ^_^

I have finally put up my site. Please look around and I shope you find what you would like.

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